2017 Year in Review

Happy new year!

No full journal round-up this month, but I thought I would just do a brief summary of the year and highlight the most popular articles featured on the blog this year. There have been visitors from 40 countries over the last six months since its inception, and thank you to everyone who has fed back and particularly those who have contributed.

The top 5 articles (by click-through) from last year were:

Adams B et al. “Kinks and Clefts”: A Review of Congenital Brain Stem Abnormalities. Neurographics

An excellent overview of a complex topic – and gratifying that the most popular article this year was written by a UK trainee!

Johnson DR et al. 2016 Updates to the WHO Brain Tumour Classification System: What the Radiologist Needs to Know. Radiographics

The updated WHO classification, with particular emphasis on genetic factors, have dominated much of the neuro-oncology discussion this year so no surprises that this useful summary in Radiographics was a popular read.

Nguyen VD et al. Demystifying Orbital Emergencies. Radiographics

A comprehensive review of this often overlooked area, this is an excellent reference for orbital pathology.

Arnoux A et al. Imaging characteristics of venous parenchymal abnormalities. Stroke

This was a useful cohort review, which outlined the anatomical areas of abnormality related to the most common sites of venous occlusion.

Jansen O et al. Standards of Practice for Interventional Neuroradiology. Neuroradiology

With much of the year dominated by discussion of the utility of mechanical thrombectomy and how it will be implemented, this was a timely consensus statement for safe and effective use of interventional neuroradiology procedures.

Next year, we are looking forward to the BSNR Trainee Study Days on May 10-11th in Newcastle, and the BSNR Annual Meeting (and preceding study day) which is joint with the Irish Society of Neuroradiology and will be held in Dublin on 11-13th October 2018.

Hope you have an excellent 2018! See you next month.

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